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Beyond Housing Services

Beyond Housing Services

This local service provides housing assistance to community members.

Anticipated Wait Times: 0-8 hours
Costs: No Cost Associated

Services provided through this program include

  • Housing Assistance
  • Initial Assessment and Planning (IAP)
  • Housing Establishment Fund (HEF)
  • Private Rental Assistance Program (PRAP)
  • Tenancy Advocacy and Advice Program (TAAP)
  • Sustaining Tenancies at Risk Program (STAR)

How do I refer?

Please go to beyondhousing.org.au or call Wodonga on 02 6055 9000, Wangaratta on 03 5722 8000, Seymour on 03 5735 2000 or Shepparton on 03 5833 1000


  • Housing and Legal Assistance

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